Environmentally Friendly Technology You Must Know

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Latest Environmentally Friendly Technology

Living in an age of technology sometimes makes humans also have to be able to adjust to technological advances that we cannot avoid. Although many latest technologies provide various facilities for humanity, not all available technology can truly provide comfort in terms of environmental friendliness. For example, cars and motorbikes, although it has excellent benefits to facilitate our activities every day, in terms of the environment, can cause air pollution that is not good for our health. In the following article, we want to give all of your information about environmentally friendly technologies created by students and companies.Here is complete knowledge.

Latest Environmentally Friendly Technology


  • A lamp that interrupts for life

The first environmentally friendly technology was created by a group of outstanding students who turned bacteria into energy-saving lamps. This energy-saving lamp is expected to be able to overcome several problems regarding the technology crisis. We know that population growth is increasing significantly every day, it is not surprising that the more people there are, the higher the demand for resources. Reporting from news, this student collected Bioluminescence bacteria obtained from squid. The more bacteria you use, the brighter the light you turn on, even this lamp will last a lifetime, because dead bacteria can produce new broodstock.


  • EcoATM

Time the ATM is different from other ATMs, which generally can spend money if the EcoATM machine is a machine that functions to buy back used cell phones or MP3 players from a user who is not used again. You do not need to worry if you run out of money in the middle of the month, this ATM can give you money by selling mobile phones or MP3 players into the machine. First, this machine will analyze the condition of the cellphone you sell and provide the highest price on the market. If you agree with the price offered by these machines, you can take money out of the machine.


  • Refrigerator Without Electricity

You ever heard of a refrigerator without using electricity at all? This technology turned out to be there and began to be applied in several minimarkets to minimize electricity usage. This technology was created by a student named Arya Nardhana and Sanika Putra from Al-Azhar 14 Elementary School in Semarang. The process of making refrigeration technology without electricity is quite easy, and you can use raw materials such as styrofoam, sand, and cold water. Simply put a biscuit can to store vegetables and fruit, then you can put sand and cold water around it.


  • Electric Car

The latest innovation to minimize the use of fuel is to create a vehicle that is named with the electric car. This car has the same function as other cars, only for the fuel that they use no fuels such as gasoline, but the power source by way of downloading a battery charger.

So much information from us about the latest technology created to be environmentally friendly. Hopefully, this information will be able to benefit all of you about the world of technology, which is increasingly experiencing extraordinary developments. Thanks.

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