The Latest Technology Of Google

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The Latest Technology Of Google

Google is the largest internet company in the world; no wonder there are many large projects currently being developed by Google that can later be beneficial for the lives of every human being on this earth. Talking about the technology developed by Google, we have some five examples of Google technology that can change the world to be more advanced and growing again. The following is the information for all of you. In general, this information is already a lot on the internet, and we want to provide complete information to answer your curiosity about the new technology developed by Google to date.

The Latest Technology from Google You Need to Know

Loon Project

Many of us do not know about this Google project, called a loon project, because it utilizes air balloons that can provide LTE signal speeds for areas in the country. This technology utilizes air balloons that are flown at three thousand 60,000 to 90,000 feet above ground level or twice as high as airplanes. This project takes a very large fund because it was made on a large scale. This Loon Project can survive by utilizing energy from the sun, predicted to last about 100 days.

Project Titan

In its understanding, Titan is the meaning of Giant, which means big. This titan project has been started a long time ago but is still in the development stage until now, the purpose of developing this project is to spread the internet to all corners of the world by using drones or uncrewed aircraft. This drone is different from drones in general, has a size that is so large that even like an aircraft in general. Drone from Google is coined the name Titan Aerospace Solara 50 is capable of enduring constant for five years. The power used by the drone is the same as the Loon (air balloon), which uses the power of sunlight. According to Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) said that this project could spread the internet to 4 billion people around the world.

Cancer Detection Drug

Cancer is a type of disease that, until now, there is no cure; it can be said that cancer is difficult to cure. Not long ago, Google and several pharmaceutical companies collaborated to create a cancer-detection drug by developing magnetic particles that can attach to cells, proteins, and other molecules. When you take this medicine, there is a special notification through wearable devices if cancer is detected in your body. The development of this drug will be very useful in the world to the doctor.

Autonomous Car

The technology being developed by Google is that autonomous cars are believed to be far safer because they are driven directly automatically by the system. Nearly about 1.2 million people die each year from traffic accidents, which is Google’s motivation to create a safer driverless car. According to many surveys conducted, if this car starts to operate, then the reduction in accidents can be up to 500 thousand – 1 million every year.

Until here, the information we can convey to you about the latest technology from Google that is useful for human life. Thanks.

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