Bad Impact Of Internet Technology Development

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Bad Impact Of Internet Technology Development To Human Properties

The internet is the largest source of information in the world today, internet technology is increasingly experiencing significant developments starting with the presence of new features to become a second home for people in the world today. The internet is a form of technological development that we must realize has many positive benefits for life, besides that the use of the internet is not in line with what we think so far.

Many adverse effects attack most internet users who are unable to control this technology wisely, arguably that technology can control humans into machines that are controlled quite easily. We know that the internet has many benefits in various ways such as the most complete source of information, finding locations that we don’t know about, running lots of businesses, good learning media for students to entertainment places to fill up leisure time. Unfortunately, not everyone can control themselves to use the internet wisely and many of us are affected by the negative things that exist on the internet. The following are some of the adverse effects of the development of internet technology that we present to you all.

Adverse Impacts of Development of Internet Technology in 2020

Everything is instant

Have you ever thought that to do anything you have to go through a long process? For example when you want to buy a product or an item, at least you have to set foot to go to the destination store and then buy the items we need. Things like this are considered by many to be a normal form of life, so what about life in today’s technological advances? Everything can be done very instantaneously, even just in front of the laptop and cellphone can buy the things we need. Changes like this that make our dependence on technology unavoidable, all of which instantly makes people start to forget their identity as a human being. A simple example like this might be a lesson for us, that living life requires a process, an instant way is fun but not good to be a habit.

Limited interaction

Adverse effects with the advancement of internet technology are enough to make our small families limited in communication, even greetings in the morning that are usually always heard, slowly starting to disappear. The culture that should have been instilled early on had simply vanished and was replaced by the culture of chatting through their respective cellphones. Quite tragic if we see things like this, there is no awareness of everyone to want to change and start real life. The internet indeed is enough to give you lots of entertainment, so can you have that entertainment forever? We think not, the real entertainment is in your family, friends, and relatives at this time.

Loss of empathy

The internet is the biggest source of information besides television that you have, all the news and events from far away can reach your ears in a short time. As if our empathy arises automatically when we hear news of grief or events that befall others, now the question is do you already have a sense of empathy for your family and the community around you?

Those are some of the negative effects of internet technology that affect the current human mindset.

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