Search Engine: Definitions, Functions, and Examples

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Search Engine Definitions, Functions and Examples

The use of internet technology is currently very rapidly growing. This can be seen from the many applications of the internet for daily use. One method of the internet network widely and globally is the use of search engine features in a web browser.

Search Engine

Yes, search engines are now a standard feature of any web browser on PC, laptop, or smartphone. Search engines can also be used easily at any time.

When we do a search on a search engine, we will get results that vary, starting from links, file forms such as PDF and Word, or other formats.

Search engines work by sorting the accuracy of information between keywords entered and the contents of a web page.

Definition of search engines

Actually, the notion of search engines is not too much alluded to by experts, because the definition of the actual search engine is quite simple and easy to understand.

When interpreted literally, a search engine or search engine is a software or computer program used to search data and also files stored on the server and even databases from www, blogs, FTP, publications, mailing lists, and portals.

Also, search engines can be interpreted as a program that is used as a tool in finding information in an internet network.

Further, it is also said that search engines have an electronic database that contains billions of sites in the world to help display search results to the maximum.


How search engines work

Basically, the way a search engine works is similar to the use of an electronic library, where when we enter the name of the book, all the data in the database appears in the search results form.

Well, as well as search engines.

The difference is, search engines are connected to various servers and databases throughout the world, to be able to provide a large selection of recommended results.

There are two criteria for the provision of search results performed by a search engine, namely:

  • The relevance of keywords to the contents of a web page, and
  • The number of visitors from a website.

Based on these criteria, the search engine can display any page that matches the topic being searched. The following is a brief way of working from search engines:

  • Users enter keywords or searches on search engines.
  • Search engines will calculate the desired keywords.
  • Search engines will display search results that match keywords, from various kinds of available web
  • Users choose which web to visit.


8 Search Engine Functions and Examples

The function of the Search Engine in accordance with its name is to search for information.

For those of you who have often surfed and also browsing using the internet network, then it is definitely familiar with one of the features available on this internet.

A search engine literally is a machine or software that is used to search for data and also specific files on the internet.

The current search engine has been widely used in browsers for various purposes, such as searching for information, news, lecture material, and other materials needed by users.

The need for search engines is very high. This then causes search engines to become one of the most widely used internet applications in the entire world.


The function of the Search Engine

Basically, search engines are beneficial for their users. The following are some of the main functions of search engines for users or users:

  • Help Finding Study

Search engines are currently being used a lot to help students, especially students, to help search for lecture material and also learning material.

At this time, if you want to search for content, the user only needs to type a keyword, then all website links related to the content sought can appear. This is very easy and practical.

  • Looking for Tutorials

Search engines can also be used to help find tutorials. Tutorials are usually in the form of videos or writing and also pictures about how to do things.

Tutorials that are sought after are traditionally tutorials related to musical instruments and also computer design and programming software.

  • Looking for Information and News

Information and also news you can search for in search engines.

Yes, you only need to enter the news keywords and information that you want to explore, the search engine will display a news portal that has knowledge and news that are relevant to what you are looking for.

  • Adding Knowledge

Of course, with this search feature, search engines can function as a guide, because basically search engines can help increase knowledge and also understanding and knowledge of users who search in a search engine.

As is the case in learning various kinds of knowledge that is outside the material in schools, campuses, and places, of course.

Like the benefits of search engines that can be useful as a broad search of information, learning a lot of knowledge will provide sound benefits, especially specific fields of expertise.

As an example of the benefits of studying computer science that will be very useful in the field of technology, because in an advanced era like today, the use of computers has become more widespread and has become a necessity in various places to store a lot of data that is quite practical.

  • Looking for Computer Software and Applications

Do you want to find applications and computer software?

Then the search engine is one of the right locations.

Because instead of you having to bother asking a computer shop, it’s a good idea to ask a more efficient search engine.

Usually, many website links contain programs and computer applications, complete with pluses and minuses. Especially free software that many people are looking for, such as free software examples for video editing.

  • Looking for Tips and Trick

Tips and tricks are also other functions of search engines. Search engines usually will also make recommendations for their users to specific sites that are relevant to their users’ desires.

  • Look up Locations on Maps

Locations on maps can also be easily found, even if you don’t have a maps application.

You only need to enter the address, then the search engine alias search engine will automatically display a map of the address you are looking for.

  • Earn Income

Currently, the use of search engines has been functioned as a money search tool.

Yes, with a few techniques are known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a website owner can reach for advertisements if his website is ranked first in search engines.


Examples of Various Search Engines

There are many kinds of search engines on the internet, starting from stand-alone search engines and search engines, which are an additional feature on the website.

The following are some examples of search engines:

  • Google

It is one of the most popular search engines and is also widely used throughout the world. When talking about search engines, then Google is the main topic.

Currently, the use of Google has reached more than a billion times Search worldwide.

This then gives rise to the meaning that Google knows everything, and can quickly assist users in finding assignments and other information.

  • Yahoo

The second search engine that you can visit is Yahoo Search.

At first, Yahoo search is intended only to find bookmarks that are on the internet, so searching using Yahoo only displays results in the form of pages that are often bookmarked.

However, until now, the use of Yahoo is the same as Google. Although in terms of user use and income is still far less when compared to Google’s search engine.

  • Bing

Bing is another search engine that is currently widely used.

Bing is a descendant of MSN Search and also Live Search, which is a program under the auspices of Microsoft, one of the big tech giants in the world.

Even so, even though it is a program developed by Microsoft, the use of Bing is still inferior to the use of Google as a search engine.

  • Ask

Ask.Com is another example of search engines.

Ask is one of the search engines that began to rise again since it was created in 1996 by Gerret Gruener and David Warthen. Currently, the use of search engines using ask has started to be widely used by internet users in the world.

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