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How To Get Free VIU Premium Cookie

VIU Premium Cookie – VIU is a legal video streaming media service owned by PCCW Media (is the largest telecommunications company in Hong Kong). Well, but calm down, this application can be a lot of monitoring from this Gingseng country, so the list of films in VIU is mostly K-Drama and K-Show dominant films from Korea.


What is VIU Premium?

VIU is a download and streaming service that is quite popular among Korean drama lovers, where we can watch dramas, feature films, and Asian variety shows.

Korean dramas at VIU are up to date and well-known, such as Tempted, While U Is Sleeping, Radio Romance, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, The K2, W Doctors, and many more.

VIU also provides a variety of genres ranging from romance, drama, romcom, melodrama, action, medical, and others, which require high quality and correct translation of subtitles. Hence, it is effortless to understand.


What are the benefits of VIU Premium?

Not only Korean dramas, but VIU also provides Korean reality shows such as Running Man, Laws of The Jungle, Return of Superman, and many more …

Widescreen movies are also available. Besides those of you who like Japanese, Thai, Indian, or Asian dramas can also watch this VIU …

VIU is very practical for people watching on a PC / laptop that can download and stream on OS ANDROID Smartphones and IOS iPhone, so it’s great for those who are bored on a bus or train so that the boredom will be treated with films that spoil the eyes.

You can also choose the resolution that suits your needs, from 180p to 1080p.

Based on research that Viu has done, his party has a preference that visitors are happy with new, fresh content. Especially young people.
Watch streaming video always relying on internet connectivity, sometimes it cannot be separated from the network connection.

This, of course, affects the quality of viewing and viewing comfort.

Or when we get on a plane that is spared from the internet network.
Now, from that to keep watching your favorite movies smoothly, Viu offers download features that can be used, accessible offline.
So, stream or download the application now …


What Are Cookies for VIU? And What It Is for?

Assuming that you don’t know what it is means by cookies, and the reason why you need to use it for your VIU, then this is a brief explanation about these particular tools. This cookie is not a food for you to eat, but it is a small file used on the computer. The file contains the data account that you input when accessing websites.

The website you visited and make an account will store your account data in your browser for further use.
The cookies are used to help to enhance your browsing experience. Thus you will receive a smoother and faster loading of sites. You can use cookies for any other browser to access the website. With that idea in mind, the VIU premium cookies have been extracted for you to use.

After you put in the cookies in your browser, you won’t have to face the hassle of logging into your account and inserting your password on the website.
While you don’t need to face that log-in process anymore, you can also access VIU premium. But you may wonder, do you have to pay for the access? Well surprise, surprise!

With these cookies, you don’t need to spend even a single penny. You will be granted free access to VIU premium. So the cookies will not only help you to skip the hassle of the log-in process, but the VIU cookies will give you free access to the premium VIU.


How to use VIU Premium Free Cookie?


Use The Recommendations Extension Below 
VIU Premium For Chrome Extension           LINK   (Recommend Cookie Editor)


VIU Premium Cookies

Chrome/Opera          Drive Cookie Scipt

Chrome/Opera          Drive Cookie Scipt



Important Note You Have to Knows

After finishing the last step in installing the VIU premium cookies, you will be logged in as a premium user on VIU. To let the VIU cookies, work for a long time, there are some precautions you have to know.

First, please do not log out from the current account you have logged-in. Second, do not try to change the password or modify any account details on the VIU website. You have to keep it as it is. Otherwise, the cookie will not work further.
That is all about how to access premium VIU without any hassle in the log-in process and free access to VIU premium. Follow the steps written in the article to make sure the cookies work for you.

Anyways, using the right cookies is considered as cheaper and easier to access VIU. But if you have some money to spare, it is better to pay for the premium contents. Since it will give a better, safer and more comfortable access to the VIU premium contents. (Another Cookies)


Free Viu Premium Promo Code 2020

This coupon code, which is always offered by VIU, is a form of low-cost offer aimed at users so that they can enjoy all-access to premium features for free without the need to pay a subscription fee, and can subscribe to the service cheaply even for free without the need to pay subscription fees first.

The collection of promo vouchers below I get from various trusted sources, such as Net TV, E-News, SCTV, Kaskus, and Trans TV.


How to use the VIU Premium Coupon Promo

  1. First, make sure you have installed the VIU application first.
  2. Create a VIU account using Email, or you can also login via Facebook.
  3. Please select and copy one of the promo codes that I have given above.
  4. Open the VIU application and click on the menu, then click again on the “Promo” option.
  5. A column will appear containing “enter promo,” and please fill in the promo code that has been copied above, if you click “Redeem.”
  6. If the promo voucher is used successfully, a successful notification will appear.

So until here, you have successfully used the voucher to subscribe to the free trial of VIU Premium, and please use the service trial period wisely, because if you violate the existing rules, the Viu account is very easily blocked and the account will be banned.


VIU Premium Promo Code Cannot Be Used?

If you fail when redeeming the voucher for some of the promo codes above, then please try the other promo codes, because I also don’t guarantee that all of the premium coupon codes above can be used validly today.


Free Viu Premium APK 2020

The last way to get premium access for free is to install the modified VIU application, which is certainly very safe. Click the link below to get it:


USE IP : Indonesia

VIU Premium APK        Drive APK




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